Dance together in person or virtually.  A one hour session with or without a hoop.  We will talk beforehand to create an intuitive dance that is either to invoke/ call in/ manifest, or to release/ purge.  Beginner hoopdance lessons as well as movement meditations for advanced hoopers, are available as well.  True movement therapy & energy clearing led by a trained guide. Connect with your body and honor your truest self. $20- $40

If you’re in Honolulu, I have a 4 week series beginning July 2 at StarFitness Hawaii. We’ll explore this new dance practice using the elements as a gateway. Please visit to register.


Let’s dive deep, together, beginning on the next new moon for a complete lunar cycle- to connect you to working closely with her, all her phases, and the current season.  Ultimately deepening your connection to your true self.  In person or virtually, we’ll connect 4 times (once a week), to lean in to her teachings and rhythms.  Learning to connect with the Moon energy is Divine, and a true coming home to You. $90


Let’s connect to create a custom piece of jewelry that speaks to what season of life you are currently dancing in.  I’ll create a personal, one of a kind, wearable medicine, curated from crystals and imagery that resonates with you.  Free consulation, you only pay for the piece.