Last quarter moon/ one month check in

Hiya Loves. We’re a little over one month in, how are you feeling? How are you finding these practices? Are you able to create the time and space for your Self?

I have to be very strict, and check in almost daily with my moon calendar. It’s too easy (for me) to slip into my routine of work, daily home chores etc. But this inner work, and I don’t even like to call it work, but healing and wholeness, is of utmost importance to me, so I choose to create the time and space. And I’m not an expert, I sometimes show up a day late, but I show up. The past few months have been particularly challenging for me personally surrounding my PMS, and more recently having my wisdom teeth removed (almost one week ago), and experiencing more physical pain than I can recall ever having experienced before. Both of these I’ve approached spiritually and holistically.

With maneuvering into how my pms has been affecting me, it’s a real practice into being gentle with myself, while recognizing and reconciling with the knowing that I have not been gentle, and that just doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, this unrelenting pain post oral surgery, has led me to look at my mouth and teeth and follow Louise Hay’s teachings… the mouth being how we communicate, but more closely how I choose to use my voice- and the teeth representing how we make decisions (something directly effecting my life currently, surprise surprise I started having wisdom teeth pain). So I’ve really had to hold hands with the mantra of there being plenty of S P A C E for me to grow, change, expand, and make decisions with ease. I’m so grateful to have had this very physical releasing, but I’ve definitely had to be gentle with me. I remind my self in these moments that our bodies have a natural ability to heal, and my higher self is always with me, and hot damn us women are Strong!