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Step into circle... 

Have you ever been in the window seat of an airplane...and for a few minutes after takeoff or before landing you get to witness but a fragment of the great cosmic dance just below(?)

I have been moved at the sight of that, and realizing that our "steps" and the way we move not only matters, but is of deep importance.

Our bodies are truly our Temples.  As Women, we echo the cyclical rhythm found in all of Nature.  When we find ourselves in our day to day dance, perhaps the less glamorous one, the one with overflowing dishes or speeding through yellow lights, it is then that we can reflect back on our powerful practice with Self.  How we honored and moved with our Self in our Dance will surely guide us as we are finding our way to our next appointment or work week.  

I invite you to step into this circle, this mystery, this dance... Recognize and honor your feminine cycle, attune to the Rhythm of the Moon, dress yourself in unique adornments that speak to you.  Let us gather in circle, whether it's to Share or Dance or Listen or Weep.  I love the saying "Empowered Women Empower Women"

Now is the time to Honor and Empower your Temple: from your dancing feet, to your sparkling eyes, and the moon mystery that lies in between... Only from there can you Empower another, and so it goes.

I am here to serve as a guide as you Step into Circle - Welcome.