About  The  M.A.R.S.  Lab

Melissa Ann Rutigliano Style Lab

Melissa: (greek) Honey Bee - Priestess of the Bees

Style: lifestyle, A manner of doing something.  Design or make in a particular form.

Lab: A place, situation, or set of conditions, conducive to experimentation, observation etc.

Aloha!  And Welcome.  My name is Melissa, and I am a Women’s Wellness Guide.  I shaped The M.A.R.S. Lab in 2013 as an outlet for my creative expression.  I am an artist and a dancer, and when I picked up a hula hoop 10 years ago, my art began to transform subtly as this new dance informed me.  Our bodies are such (literal) powerhouses; they store information and stories- our own AND our ancestors, they move, they breathe, they grow weary, they heal, and they protect us.  I have tapped into my innate power through Dance, as well as through the accessories I create not just to adorn, but to attune.  As with any practice it is important to keep it holistic and sustainable- so as you browse my accessories, you will find a majority of my materials are reclaimed.  I do this because I believe there is enough "stuff" in the world, and as inhabitants of this planet it is our gift to the past, present, and future to aid in the healing of Her (Earth).   I design my accessories with the divine union of body and spirit in mind.

I received my certification in 2016 to teach Elemental HoopDance, and have since created a workshop not only highlighting hooping as a unique dance form, but also as a powerful tool one can add to their meditation and manifestation practice.  I have found this method to be an incredible form of self care, joy, and healing.  It is my honor to hold space for women to explore their unique relationship to their bodies as well as bringing in the importance of play, of dance, of self love, and of community/sisterhood.

Over the past decade, my work (and joy) has bloomed from my Circles Cycles Crystals movement.  Everything I encourage comes from the seed of self care.  CIRCLES to me represent eternity, but also completion, dance and perfection.  CYCLES are omnipresent.  Our bodies echo the 28 day cycle of the lunar path, and that dance happens beneath the ever shifting rhythm of the seasons.  CRYSTALS are a natural source of medicine and attunement.  I believe adding them to your meditation, or everyday accessories can amplify that which you are seeking

Thank you for being here, and see you in circle, XO.